Announcing the release of our remotely recorded project! Aether: Water—intuition/femininity

Asleep in a Blanket Spun of Energy by Adrienne Inglis and Trevor F. Shaw released August 5, 2020

Inversion I.

Inversion Ensemble I.

We are thrilled to announce the release of our first studio album, Inversion Ensemble I. This album comprises the work of four of our in-house composers and features some of the finest musicians in Central Texas. We recorded this album over several sessions in 2019 and 2020 at Space ATX and Concordia University Texas with the help of Dr. Joshua Chai. Artistic Director Trevor Shaw, Managing Director Robbie LaBanca, and Inversion Ensemble member Juli Orlandini complied, mastered, and produced the album. Inversion Ensemble I. features a breadth of musical styles, themes, and unique compositional voices that take the listener on an auditory journey through the lens of new music. We invite you to take a moment to experience Inversion Ensemble I. with us. See liner notes here

Available now wherever you stream music including Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, and more.

The Austin Critics Table nominated Inversion Ensemble's I, Too, Sing America concert for the best Concert/Opera performance of 2018-19.

"Inversion Ensemble gave Where Go the Boats a gorgeous and nuanced performance, bringing thoughtful musicality to even the subtlest details of this piece." — Dale Trumbore

Inversion Ensemble's I Too, Sing, America was named one of 2018's Ten Top Ten Classical Performances by Austin Chronicle.

"Inversion Ensemble truly brought my piece to life with delicate artistic finesse. To collaborate with an ensemble such as theirs is one of the reasons why composers continue writing. I would be absolutely honored to have them sing any of my works.” — Luke Flynn

O Sacrum Convivium, recorded by Inversion Ensemble Da Capo under the direction of Adrienne Pedrotti, has been selected by Petrichor Records for inclusion on their forthcoming album New Music by Living Composers." — Stephanie K. Andrews

"I was delighted when Inversion Ensemble accepted my piece (I would rather die than hate you) for performance. It’s great that such a group of dedicated and talented musicians are committed to new choral repertoire." — Paul Ayres

Three of the pieces on Inversion Ensemble's I Too, Sing, America concert were nominated by Austin Critics Table for best Original Composition/Score: Innocent Blood by Adrienne Inglis, Emerging Composer Contest winner Nada de turbe by Carlos Cordero, and Three Rhymes for Suffrage Times by Robbie LaBanca.

“The recording of Inversion Ensemble's performance of my piece Message of Puissant Baal is extraordinarily beautiful, rich in expressive range and nuance, and emotionally complex at every moment.  The blessings of entrusting my music to the ensemble are enormous, considering the fact that I was unable to attend the rehearsals and performances.  I'm grateful to Inversion for reaching out to me in the first place, and for placing its musical trust in me.” — Michael Alec Rose