Who is Inversion Ensemble?

Austin’s Inversion Ensemble is a choral collective made up of composers and singers formed to give voice to innovative choral works and to encourage the creation of new music, especially in the Austin area. A great deal of our repertoire is written especially for Inversion Ensemble by composers who sing within the ranks of the ensemble.

While many members of Inversion Ensemble perform, conduct, compose, study, and teach music full-time, the group also includes non-professional participants who are equally passionate about choral music and ensuring it thrives as a modern art form.

Inversion Ensemble Coda, August 2019

Inversion Ensemble

Inversion Ensemble Photo credit: Emilio Torres

Inversion Ensemble Da Capo July 2019
Inversion Ensemble Da Capo
Photo credit: Emilio Torres

L to R: Stephanie K. Andrews, Robbie LaBanca, Trevor F. Shaw, Trevor Villwock, Adrienne Inglis

Photo credit: Alison Ludke Chai

L to R: Stephanie K. Andrews, Trevor Villwock, Philip Michael Bernard, Joshua Chai, Robbie LaBanca, Trevor F. Shaw, Adrienne Inglis, Alexander Johnson, Marjorie Halloran