Who is Inversion Ensemble?

Austin’s Inversion Ensemble is a choral collective made up of composers and singers formed to give voice to innovative choral works and to encourage  the creation of new music, especially in the Austin area.  A great deal of our repertoire is written especially for Inversion Ensemble by composers who sing within the ranks of the ensemble.

While many members of Inversion Ensemble perform, conduct, compose, study, and teach music full-time, the group also includes non-professional participants who are equally passionate about choral music and ensuring it thrives as a modern art form.


From the Artistic Director

I’m delighted to be entering my second year as Artistic Director for Inversion Ensemble, which I founded in 2016 along with my fellow composers Robbie LaBanca and Adrienne Inglis. It has, in our formative stages, been incredibly rewarding to witness the enthusiastic response of the community in and around Austin, TX to our mission of promoting new works of choral music. Of course, it’s also been thrilling to be a part of the premiers of a host of wonderful works contributed by composers from within the ranks of our singing members! I hope you’ll check out one of our programs soon and, in the meantime, listen to the sounds of our past performances.

Trevor F. Shaw

Artistic Director, Inversion Ensemble


Sponsorship & Affiliations

We are completely funded by your generous support. Donations made to our organization through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, are tax-deductible and ensure we can do things like print programs, hire accompanists, secure performance venues, and so much more. Click the icon below to head to our Fractured Atlas project page and make a donation of any amount.

Inversion Ensemble is sponsored by See-a-Dot and is a proud member of the C4 National Network.