Upcoming concerts:

Heroes and Monsters: songs of legends and beasts
With new works by living composers, Inversion Ensemble fleshes out the richness of our cultural heritage that fear and revere legends, heroes, monsters, and beasts.
Saturday June 1, 2019 at 7 PM
Westminster Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall
3208 Exposition Blvd. Austin, Texas 78703
Sunday June 2, 2019 at 3 PM
Redeemer Presbyterian Church
2111 Alexander Ave. Austin, Texas 78722

IE Poster Dreams Updated 2019

History of Inversion Ensemble

Singing of Spirit and Nature
February 25, 2017 Austin, Texas
The very first concert of Inversion Ensemble presents new choral works which honor the divinity in both the deities we worship and the natural world that surrounds us. Featured composers include Austin locals Trevor Shaw, Robbie LaBanca, Adrienne Inglis, Steven Serpa, Eric Johnson, and Dallas-based Clinton Bray.
World premières:
Circle Song by Robbie LaBanca
On the Mystery of the Incarnation by Adrienne Inglis (ASCAP)
Ode to a Tardigrade by Trevor F. Shaw
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty by Clinton Bray
The Lord's Prayer by Eric Johnson

Sublime Nonsense
June 3, 2017 Austin, Texas
This program of songs of love and heartbreak and songs of free of traditional language featured works by Stephanie K. Andrews, Brent Baldwin, Phillip Michael Bernard, Adrienne Inglis, Alexander Johnson, Robbie LaBanca, Fahad Siadat, Trevor F. Shaw, and Toby Twining.
World premières:
Echoes: Vocalise for Two Masked Singers by Robbie LaBanca
Cantus In Memorium Pauline Oliveros (1932 - 2016) by Brent Baldwin
Four Nocturnes by Alexander Johnson
Eternal Place by Robbie LaBanca
Letters to Faith by Adrienne Inglis (ASCAP)
Vampire by Robbie LaBanca
Here Before the Sunrise Blue by Robbie LaBanca
Wedding Prayer by Stephanie K. Andrews
Aether by Trevor Shaw

The Universal Chamber: Voices and Strings
September 30, 2017 Austin, Texas
October 1, 2017 Pflugerville, Texas
An epic voyage through total musical immersion, this program of new choral and instrumental music explores the literal and poetic journey from earth to outer space featuring new works by Trevor Shaw, Stephanie K. Andrews, Robbie LaBanca, Adrienne Inglis, Alex Johnson, Carlos Cordero, and fellow C4 composers Karen Siegel and Carlos Pérez Tabares.
World premières:
Espejo by Carlos Cordero
Neither Cruel nor Kind by Robbie LaBanca
Amata by Alexander Johnson
Beyond by Trevor F. Shaw
Let Everything Happen by Stephanie K. Andrews
Hymnus Iuppiter by Robbie LaBanca

Colors Harmonic
February 10, 2018 Cedar Park, Texas
February 24, 2018 Georgetown, Texas
February 25, 2018 Austin, Texas
This thrilling concert centers around color as inspiration for the text and music, exploring the full spectrum of visual and musical colors in this fully immersive artistic experience. The concert venues each featured an art installation by local Austin artists.
World premières:
Chartreuse by Robbie LaBanca
the sea is awash with roses by Robbie LaBanca
Aquamarine by Trevor F. Shaw
Shadow by Robbie LaBanca
Lux Aeterna by Stephanie K. Andrews
Cochineal by Adrienne Inglis (ASCAP) and Walter Torres (BMI)

Perplexed Music
June 2, 2018 Austin, Texas
June 3, 2018 Pflugerville, Texas
The sonnet has been a beloved poetic form since its creation in thirteenth century Italy and, in its nearly 800 year history, many of the most well-known poets have found their voice in its structure. Perplexed Music presents new compositions based on sonnets by William Shakespeare, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Allen Ginsberg, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Luis Martín de la Plaza, and more.
World premières:
El sol by Adrienne Inglis (ASCAP)
Doves of St. Nicholas Church by Marjorie Halloran
Thy Eternal Summer by Inglis, Johnson, LaBanca, Shaw
Two Sonnets by Robbie LaBanca
Two German Sonnets by Trevor F. Shaw

Inversion Ensemble Tour
July 22, 2018 Dallas, Texas
Inversion Ensemble collaborates with Clinton Bray, Guest Conductor and Organist and members of Orpheus Chamber Singers in varied program of new choral music.
World premières:
Set me as a seal by Bryan Page

Journey of the Soul: songs of travel and enlightenment
August 12, 2018 Pflugerville, Texas
Inversion Ensemble’s 2018-2019 season kicked off with the inaugural performance of Inversion Ensemble: Coda. This newly-formed group of seasoned singers will present a concert entitled Journey of the Soul that will transport the listener to far-away lands, deep into their spirits, and along the shores of memory. Don't miss the first performance of our brand new ensemble as they premier new works by Adrienne Inglis, Marjorie Halloran, Alexander Johnson, Robbie LaBanca and more!
World premières:
Triptych for Flute by Robbie LaBanca
On a Journey by Robbie LaBanca

I, Too, Sing America: songs of our shared history
October 6, 2018 Austin, Texas
October 7, 2018 Austin, Texas
October 21, 2018 Georgetown, Texas
November 9, 2018 Lakeway, Texas
This provocative program explores songs of our shared history. Topics range from gun violence and equal rights to resistance and witchcraft trials with texts by MLK, Alice Duer Miller, Michael Dennis Brown and more. Inversion Ensemble presents a new composition by Carlos Cordero, the winner of its very first Emerging Composer Contest, plus new works by Trevor F. Shaw, Adrienne Inglis, Stephanie K. Andrews, Robbie LaBanca, Marjorie Halloran, Melissa Dunphy, Paul Ayres, and more. The October 2018 concert I Too, Sing, America was named one of 2018's Top Classical Performances by Austin Chronicle. The Austin Critics Table nominated I, Too, Sing America for the best Concert/Opera performance of 2018-19 and three of the pieces on that concert for best Original Composition/Score: Innocent Blood by Adrienne Inglis (ASCAP), Emerging Composer Contest winner Nada de Turbe by Carlos Cordero, and Three Rhymes for Suffrage Times by Robbie LaBanca.
World premières:
Innocent Blood by Adrienne Inglis (ASCAP)
Nada de Turbe by Carlos Cordero
Three Rhymes for Suffrage Times by Robbie LaBanca
Sanctus (for a false Messiah) by Trevor F. Shaw

Dream Keeper: songs of sleep and visions
March 2, 2019 Austin, Texas
March 3, 2019 Austin, Texas
Inversion Ensemble explores the deep reaches of the human imagination through songs of sleep and visions in its project Dream Keeper. The program spans the distance between slumber and the waking world from lullabies to nightmares. This immersive concert experience features premieres of new works by local composers Trevor F. Shaw, Robbie LaBanca, Adrienne Inglis, Stephanie K. Andrews, Trevor Villwock, and Marjorie Halloran with guest conductor and Ars Longa Artistic Director, Steven Brennfleck.
World premières:
Dreamfall by Trevor F. Shaw (ASCAP)
Asleep in a Blanket Spun of Energy by Adrienne Inglis (ASCAP) with Electronic Track, Trevor Shaw (ASCAP)
A Child’s Nightmare by Robbie LaBanca
dreaming of zeno by Trevor Villwock
Berceuse by Stephanie K. Andrews

University of Texas at Austin Butler School of Music Composer Workshop
May 7, 2019 Austin, Texas

Heroes and Monsters: songs of legends and beasts
June 1, 2019 Austin, Texas
June 2, 2019 Austin, Texas
With new works by living composers, Inversion Ensemble fleshes out the richness of our cultural heritage that fear and revere legends, heroes, monsters, and beasts.
World premières:
The Rage and Reconciliation of King Lear by Adrienne Inglis (ASCAP)