Coming in 2018

It’s hard to believe we’re already preparing for our 2018 season, but our next project is just over two months away!

“Colors Harmonic” will explore the beauty of the spectrum through choral music written by our in-house IE composers, as well as new works from our fellow C4 colleagues and other talented composers. Stay tuned for updates and be sure to donate at our Fractured Atlas page so we can keep our concerts free to the public!

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Inversion Ensemble wishes to thank all those who came this past Saturday to hear our second concert. We appreciate every one of you! Thanks also to those who donated to us through Fractured Atlas, making the whole project possible. There will be exciting projects full of new music soon!

Inversion Ensemble 2.0

Our second concert, “Love & Nonsense” will take place Saturday, June 3, 7:00pm at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Austin. The program will explore an unusual balance of musical settings of love poetry and choral works that use nonsense (non-language) syllables for text. We’ll feature music from Adrienne Inglis, Robbie LaBanca, Alex Johnson, Phillip Bernard, Stephanie Andrews, Brent Baldwin, Trevor Shaw, Fahad Siadat, and Toby Twining.

We’ll post more about this free event soon!

Our First Concert

Inversion Ensemble is ringing in the new year by preparing for a concert which is not only notable for being the first of our 2017 season, but also our first public concert…ever!

We are excited to present “Singing of Spirit and Nature”, a program that equally explores the reverence for the deities in which humanity puts its faith and reverence for the natural world around us.  The concert takes place at 7pm, Saturday, February 25 at St. John’s United Methodist Church in Austin.   Featured that evening will be choral works and art songs composed by members of Inversion Ensemble, including Adrienne Inglis, Eric Johnson, Robbie La Banca, and Trevor Shaw, along with other established composers who are directly connected to our organization.  The texts from which those musical works have drawn will include such diverse sources as activist-poet Denise Levertov, a medieval bestiary, and the writings of legendary scientist Charles Darwin.

The concert flyer is available here and on our homepage.  Feel free to click, save, share, and print!